Hi, I’m Sherronna Bishop


Standing against government tyranny and standing up for our children’s future!

Was 2020 Stolen?

It’s deeper than that.
You’ve heard it said “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
What about those who code the vote?
What if our leaders aren’t actually being elected by us, but instead… selected?

Sherronna Bishop

We the Parents Mission

How did we get here?

Just a few short years ago, the reality of the socialist agenda was exposed in my child’s public school. I watched as GREAT moms and community members were pushed out of the race in lieu of far left progressives who had received Denver teacher’s union funds of $95,000, for a small local school board race in a conservative district! Why? Then came HB1032: Comprehensive Sex Education bill for the sexual grooming of our children with curriculum provided by Planned Parenthood. This hyper sexual curriculum became state law and was adopted into our Colorado public schools. As a mom, I became #silentnomore. I didn’t ask for permission to enter this policy conversation that is shaping our communities. I took the founding principles as our forefathers intended and began applying them to our modern day challenges. I have spoken truth to concerned parents who need a voice and provide the tools to fight for their kids. 

About Sherronna

Our nation is in desperate need of “regular” citizens to preserve the “tree of liberty!”

Colorado has been my life long home. Over the past 6 years conservative ideals like hard work, community, patriotism, the defense of Constitutional laws that I grew up in, have become controversial at best and at worst, declared out right hate by the radical Progressives who have infiltrated our state.

The nation at large is being attacked day after day with the rantings of Socialist Progressives who promise everything for free while taking everything we love.

The fabric of America is based on God, Freedom and the Family unit. Regular people, nobodies if you will, are standing together. The Silent Majority will take back our children’s education, reclaim our rights as parents, promote TRUE freedom and re-establish this Constitutional Republic for future generations.

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