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Are We in the land of the free?

I'm a mother of 4, a Wife to 1 and a slave to NO ONE.

There is only one King I bow to and He has given me a vision to save Colorado.

When my voice and my platform have been determined to be a threat to the current Biden Regime and the communists harming our children and our schools, so much so that brute force was used at my home on the morning of November 16th, I know we are above the target.

While the efforts of an unlawful SOS, Jena Griswald, to take your elections away from you and remove a duly elected Clerk- Clerk Tina Peters of Mesa County- and to cover up the crimes of election interference by a certain company in partnership with Jena Griswald, seem to prevail- We are not backing down! We will win this battle.

My children learned more in the 3 hours the FBI occupied my home than I could teach them in 3 years. They saw men with guns put their mother in handcuffs and invade their home. They watched their sister be pulled around by her hoodie because she wasn't moving fast enough for the Agent. they saw their father stand helpless to protect his family from the incredible fear these agents brought into our home. The abuse of authority by Merrick Garland and his DOJ has sent shock waves through this nation. Other vocal mothers, fathers and Elected officials are being silenced- threatened by this demonstration of force on a regular citizen. But we are in a moment that must be acknowledged: DO we want Liberty? or Communism? Do we in fact have rights endowed to us by our Creator? or does the government retain the right to impede on our property and threaten our lives without cause?

In America we have the right to speak freely- we CAN say what we want to say without the threat of government agencies being used to shut us up.. or can we? In America we have the right to assemble and bring other like-minded people together to stand up to overreaching government and grievous policies... or do we?

When I asked the Mesa County District Atty Investigator, Michael Struwe (who was present at the time of the FBI raid) WHY they came to my home, what is it they believed I had done? Mr. Struwe's comment was: "You Connect People".

Well friends, so does every other active mother who is interested in protecting her children. Am I to understand that socializing is now illegal in Biden's America? In Griswald and Polis' Colorado?

I have no violent history, no criminal history. I am a mother who has had enough of Government interference and overreach. And when that government came to my home to terrify and terrorize my children, they crossed a line they cannot return from.

Stand with us.

Help us fight this incredible abuse of power.

To be silent is to be in agreement with the abuse of lawful American citizens, while Communism is allowed to take root.

We are Silent No More.

-Sherronna Bishop

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