Cornerstone Christian Church Facing 5K in fines and 18 months in Jail Time

Pastor Jim Tarr of a nearby church, Cornerstone Christian Church in Basalt, CO, is facing serious scrutiny for allowing families that attend their church's school to choose whether or not they want their kids to wear masks. He does not believe it is the right of the state or even the church to decide whether a kid should have to wear a mask all day, every day. Now because of his pro-freedom stance, he is under attack by the state. This story doesn't just affect his school, but will soon affect all of our schools as Fauci has foreshadowed vaccine mandates for school-aged children as early as Spring 2022. Watch part 1 and part 2 of his interview.

If you would like to make history and to be apart of ending these mandates regulated by OSHA, comment here with your thoughtful responses! Please try to keep comments focused on protecting our children and parent's right to choose vs. the vaccine itself.

Through this turmoil, Pastor Jim and his church have also lost a third of his school attendance due to the intimidation. Please consider supporting his cause because he doesn't just fight for his church's freedom, but all of ours.

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