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I Live in South Omaha Nebraska born & raised here plus I'm a FIRST generation USA 🇺🇸 legal citizen. My dear L8 parents came 2 USA 🇺🇸 in 1952 w/3 children Legally from Hitlers evil regime My father Escaped Auschwitz by Grace of God w/Americans troops invading it. A true miracle. I have 3 grown children married twice 2 a real God Fearing man. I went thru a similar situation w/my only daughter back in '85 prior 2 dad's death here. I do not Enjoy Writing, In Thee most Powerful Prayer Warrior in S. O! I walk my talk Ino HOW 2 handle my real enemy, satan. I Fear my Lord only & Never man, ever. Believe you me, I know my position, place & Authority given 2 me By King Jesus. When Interceding, That worm of an Rusted piped angel Satan DOES FEAR, me ,THE PRESENCE of THE LORDS ANOINTING ON ME ~💋 😊 💝 (the Anointing has broken him everywhere I go. Don't laugh 😂 bc I can even SMELL his nasty self bc of the anointing! Tell me All is a miracle I'm here 2 tell all this, what I didn't know or aware of BACK THEN. I'm GR8 cook also tnx2 Mom/Dad!

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